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The OpenStreetMap Calendar (OSMCAL) has been created because we want to reach more people with the events the community creates. Organizers should have it easier to publish their events and participants should be able to find nearby events. The calendar shall be powerful, yet usable on mobile devices.

You can help us by spreading the word: Link to the calendar, create events and participate in them.


There are RSS Feeds: One global for all upcoming events, and one for each country. The base URL is events.rss. If only events in a certain country shall be returned, filters can be appended, e.g. events.rss?in=Germany.

For further information, refer to the subscription information page.


The available API endpoints are documented along with examples.



If you're looking to integrate OSMCAL into your website, consider using jbelien's openstreetmap-calendar-widget.

There is also a plugin for MediaWiki, which allows you to display events on any wiki page: OSMCAL Wiki Widget

Source Code and Issue Tracker

The OpenStreetMap Calendar is open source software and the code is hosted on GitHub. If you experience problems, you can raise an issue there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no support for repeated/periodic events?

Because we don't want to list events that potentially do not exist anymore because their initial creators forgot to remove them. Our alternative is the 'Repeat Event' functionality which you can reach from the event's detail page and allows you to copy an existing event.