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Missing Maps mapathon Slovakia online #4

District of Žilina, Region of Žilina, Slovakia
Slovak Red Cross in Žilina + online

30th September 2021 17:00 – 20:00

We would like to invite you to participate in the fourth Slovak Missing Maps mapathon. Considering the current situation with Covid-19, the mapathon will be organized as the hybrid event. Personal participation is possible for fully vaccinated persons.

Our mapathon will take on Thursday, September 27, from 05:00 p.m., Central European Summer Time in the Slovak Red Cross premises (Slovenský Červený kríž, územný spolok Žilina, Moyzesova 959, 010 01 Žilina). We would like to ask all interested in the event to use the application form on Eventbrite. The link for joining the event on the Microsoft Teams platform will be sent to all participants by e-mail on the event day.

During our volunteer event, we will create a map of the area that is affected by some kind of humanitarian crisis. Our help for the Doctors without Borders will enable more effective and faster assistance to people in need.

What is the mapathon?The mapathon participants work with the satellite images to map the uncovered places of the world (so called Missing Maps). They are using the open source tools in online environment of the OpenStreetMap. Participants create new map layers of buildings and roads.

Do not worry that you have no experience with digital mapping. You can learn all during the event. You will be able to create the map objects after the short training. Please, create a new OpenStreetMap account ( in case you do not possess it.

Details of the Missing Maps mapathons organized in Slovakia are available on Missing Maps Slovakia project web (

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