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Community Webinar: Local OSM community building: Tips, tricks and challenges

Kurmin Musa, Kaduna, Nigeria
Online event

3rd September 2021 6:00 – 17:30


Share tips, tricks and challenges related to starting and sustaining local OSM communities with OSM leaders and members across the globe!

Date/Time: 03 September 2021 06:00 UTC Session 1: STARTING LOCAL OSM COMMUNITIES 16:00 UTC Session 2: SUSTAINING LOCAL OSM COMMUNITIES

Event Platform: Zoom (will also be livestreamed on Youtube and recorded)

Details: The Humanitarian Open Mapping Community Working Group (Humanitarian Open Mapping) invites local OSM community organisers, leaders and members (new and old) to come together and share their tips, tricks and challenges related to starting and sustaining local OSM communities in this month's Community Webinar.

The webinar will take place in two timezone blocks, the earlier block focusing on STARTING LOCAL OSM COMMUNITIES and the later block focusing on SUSTAINING LOCAL OSM COMMUNITIES.

Although different contexts, cultures and situations means there is no generic approach to community building, we believe that we can learn, adopt and adapt a lot from each other through sharing and documenting experiences and developing networks of support.

Also, acknowledging that the experts in community building are community members themselves, the webinar is open for many different contributions from many different people and will include the opportunity for plenty of participation in the form of questions and discussion.

The tips, tricks and challenges presented and discussed will also form the first contributions to an OSM community building playbook that is also being developed by the Community Working Group.

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