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[Virtual Event] GeOsm : Let’s put ourselves on the map!

Ebolbam, Centre, Cameroon

30th April 2021 12:00 – 13:15

Join the GeOsm Family for the launch of the GeOsm Platform on 30 April, 12:00 UTC!


Come see us in action with a live! Please register now there is no formal dress code :)

More about this Event:

Access to data should not be a luxury! It's a path to greater equality everywhere in the world. It's an opportunity for civic engagement and an essential way to access critical services. Open data improves educational attainment, access to basic social services, helps people grow more food, and find or create new jobs and opportunities.

The goal of the GeOsm Family initiative is to make an open-source platform available for the whole digital community. We believe a reliable open spatial data infrastructure will initiate many economic activities, and it will facilitate the creation of an ecosystem of start-ups and civil society initiatives that will develop innovations based on those newly accessible spatial data. While their activities grow, those users will enrich this shared infrastructure while allowing the monitoring and evaluation of the SDGs in a georeferenced way.

This event is organized by GeOsm Family, and supported by OpenStreetMap and HOT.

The webinar will also be livestreamed via Youtube.