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Galway City, Galway City, Ireland

17th March 2021 11:00 – 21st March 2021 12:00

The OpenStreetMap Ireland community in Ireland will be mapping from the 17th to 21st, with a special twist. We will be using all the townlands in Ireland that have "Patrick" as part of their townland name.

Help us map, or stop by on Twitter and say hello by using #MapPatrick21. Each day we will have a hangout, or be showing people how to map.

18th 11.00-12.00 Learn to map buildings in ID;

19th 11.00-12.00 To be confirmed;

20th 10.00-11.00 Working with Townlands in QGIS;

21st 12.00-13.00 Learn to Map Buildings in JOSM;