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Collaborative and Humanitarian Mapping #2: Mapping deforestation in the Amazon rainforest with JOSM


12th March 2021 16:00 – 19:00 (Europe/Rome)

During the second meeting of our #PassionInAction course, attendants will work on a given project aiming to map deforestation in the Amazon rainforest on the TeachOSM Tasking Manager platform. The activity will be introduced by our officer Gorica Bratic. She is the research grant holder for the "Cross-continental YouthMapping for deforestation in Amazonas region" project that was awarded by YouthMappers in 2019. Professor Maria Antonia Brovelli, coordinator of the Passion in Action course, is also the mentor of this project. Our officer Lorenzo Stucchi will conduct the training on JOSM editor. In this event you will learn more about how OpenStreetMap data could represent crucial information for mapping the effects of climate change. Also, you will gain hand-on experience on an advanced desktop editor like JOSM. Do not forget to bring your laptop and mouse to contribute in the most comfortable way. The event will be hosted both in presence and virtually. For people who would like to follow the events in person, the reference room at Politecnico di Milano - Città Studi is 25.0.2 PoliMi students that are interested could register to the webinar series as part of the "Collaborative and Humanitarian Mapping" innovative teaching course ( and at the end of the course they will have their attendance recognised with 2 extra CFU in their Diploma Supplement. The course is open and freely accessible also to people not enrolled in any Politecnico di Milano tracks. If you'd like to receive reminder for the events with the Zoom link attached, please fill this form with your contact details: We remain at your disposal for any question or request. See you soon virtually!

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