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Collaborative and Humanitarian Mapping #1: OpenStreetMap introduction (Open Data Day)


5th March 16:00 – 19:00 (Europe/Rome)

The first event of the course is held on the occasion of Open Data Day 2021 (March 6th), an annual celebration of open data all over the world. It is an opportunity to show the benefits of open data and encourage the adoption of open data policies in government, business and civil society. The first part of the event will aim to introduce participants to OSM by explaining the project and the milestones reached so far, as well as the basic concepts of mapping. In the second part of the event, an example of how OSM is now fundamental in the humanitarian world will be illustrated. This is the case of the World Food Program (WFP), which operates in many countries and uses the OSM database to constantly update its mapping resources and ensure optimal support to field missions. Participants will then try their hand at mapping buildings using the TeachOSM Tasking Manager and iDeditor in the area around Tartus, Syria, where the WFP operates. Our President Chiara Ponti and Vice-President Mathilde Puche will conduct the trainings. No previous knowledge is requested for this introductory training. You will only need to bring your laptop and mouse to contribute in the most comfortable way. The event will be hosted both in presence and virtually. For people who would like to follow the events in person, the reference room at Politecnico di Milano - Città Studi is 25.0.2 PoliMi students that are interested could register to the webinar series as part of the "Collaborative and Humanitarian Mapping" innovative teaching course ( and at the end of the course they will have their attendance recognised with 2 extra CFU in their Diploma Supplement. The course is open and freely accessible also to people not enrolled in any Politecnico di Milano tracks. If you'd like to receive reminder for the events with the Zoom link attached, please fill this form with your contact details: We remain at your disposal for any question or request. See you soon virtually!

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