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London virtual OSM chat & drinks

2nd March 2021 20:00 (Europe/London)

Tuesday 2nd March at 8pm - 11pm we'll do a zoom call in which we try to re-create the magic of an OSMLondon pub meet-up. It's exactly one year since our last face-to-face pub meet-up!

Line up some beers (non-alcoholic drinks also allowed) and we'll crack them open on a video link while we chat about all things OpenStreetMap as well as catching up generally because it's been a while!

It'll be a Zoom call. Everyone has zoom installed by now no? The zoom link will be shared on the wiki when the time comes. If there's some problem with that then head to the osm-gb IRC channel where we'll make a different plan.

Do you need to be an OSMLondoner? No! Everyone is welcome ...but only if you know the best time to press the buttons on a tube train door to open them.

[It was 9 but now changed to 8 ]

Created by Harry Wood, andrewblack