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2021 Intermediate Pacific Islands GIS & RS User Conference Webinar: Building a Resilient OpenStreetMap Community in Fiji


24th February 16:00 – 16:20 (Pacific/Fiji)

This presentation will explore the opportunities and activities a volunteer group has put together with the overall aim of building an active and resilient openstreetmap (OSM) community locally here in Fiji. OSM is a volunteer collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world, with the geodata created the primary output of the project. This geodata can be used in various ways including the production of paper and electronic maps, geocoding of address and place names and more importantly to address humanitarian response and recovery work in the face of disasters and emergencies. Since Cyclone Winston in 2016, there have been numerous contributions to OSM for Fiji, however since the recent devastation of Cyclone Yasa updated geospatial data that informs us of communities that are vulnerable has never been more important.

Presenter: Carrol Chan, Consultant.

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