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Colectivo das Pedras Galladas: Obradoiro de OpenStreetMap


27th February 2021 19:00 (Europe/Madrid)

Workshop in Spanish.

We will hold a workshop on OpenStreetMap through our Youtube channel which will explain the basic concepts of how to use it. This serves as an introduction to the mapping of objects and prominent places in our surroundings.

The person in charge of teaching the Workshop will be Pablo Sanxiao, a founding partner of iCarto, a technology company based in the region of A Coruña focused on developing and integrating information technologies, especially in the cartographic field.

In addition, Pablo Sanxiao is a member of the OpenStreetMap community and has given workshops on this topic on other occasions.

OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project to create a free, editable geographic database through which data can be retrieved, as well as building maps for any purpose.

This event is ideal for people who want to get started in the world of cartography or want to learn how to map objects, places or relevant information about their surroundings on the interactive maps of OpenStreetMap.

From the collective we invite everyone who has an interest in attending telematic learning, and to follow our social networks to be on the lookout for future events!

You can follow our event through our Youtube channel:

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