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15th November – 21st November 2020 (UTC)

"OSMGeoWeek" is a week when teachers, students, community groups, and map lovers around the world join together to celebrate geography and make maps with OpenStreetMap, the free and openly editable map of the world. It's celebrated alongside "Geography Awareness Week" which takes place each year during the third week of November.

Follow #osmgeoweek on twitter for updates during the week, and share your experiences using the #osmgeoweek hashtag. When editing in OpenStreetMap add the #osmgeoweek2020 hashtag to your changesets to be included in the metrics. Consider planning a mapathon, a webinar to show off your latest project, a career panel to talk about how your organization uses OSM, or a skills sharing session to teach others what you know! For more details about the program and history of Geography Awareness Week, visit the National Geographic Education page.

Created by EKNunez