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London OSM Birthday Party

City of London, England, United Kingdom
Doggett's Coat & Badge

10th August 12:00

On Saturday 10th August from midday onwards, we'll be celebrating the OpenStreetMap 20th Anniversary Birthday party at the Doggetts Coat & Badge pub on the South bank. Whether you've been involved for 20 years or you've just found out about OpenStreetMap, you're welcome to join us for birthday beers and map chat.

Doggetts Coat & Badge pub is facing the river on the South bank right by Blackfriars bridge. Here on the map: . Closest tubes are Blackfriars (across the river) or Southwark to the south. This pub is quite big, with several upstairs floors and a beer garden at the back, and we may end up in any of those places, depending on where there's a good table for us all. If you think you may have trouble recognising anyone, turn up at 12:30pm when the group will be more assembled, and look out for maps or OpenStreetMap hi-viz vests. You might see Steve Coast loitering somewhere!

Created by Harry Wood