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Coffee and Mapping!

Dover, New Hampshire, United States
Breakaway Cafe (and walking around)

23rd June 12:00 – 15:00

☕ Join us for a laid back afternoon of OpenStreetMap editing, complete with a coffee and a bite to eat.

📱 The plan is to walk around Dover New Hampshire, adding missing data to OpenStreetMap using our phones. This can be shops, building addresses, bike parking, just about anything useful!

🌧️ In case of rain, our fallback will be to stay at the cafe and learn about the web editor.

🕛 We'll start at noon at Breakaway Cafe, the hippest spot in Dover, where we'll get acquainted and set up. At 1:30PM, we'll set out for a couple hours of sprucing up the map around the area. By 3:00PM we'll wrap up, and maybe get a drink to talk about how it went!

🦖 To find us: look for the table with the 3d printed dinosaurs, orange and green.

🧑‍🎓 If you're new to OSM, see this short video overview: You are encouraged to come and learn! I recommend that you message me ahead of time to make sure you're set up.

🗺️ Bring your smart phone, logged in to your favorite OSM editing app. StreetComplete (good beginner option), Vespucci, or Everydoor for Android. "Go Map!!" for iOS.

Created by Orblivion