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SotM Asia 2024 - Announcement of Venue


1st June 5:00 (Asia/Taipei)

Join us as we announce where State of the Map Asia 2024 will be!

Note: The event will also be livestreamed via SotM Asia Facebook page -

Thank you to our two community bidders: OSM Kerala (India) and OSM Bangladesh!

Shoutout to our reviewers!

Tasauf A Baki Billah (Ribin) 🇧🇩 Bangladesh Sawan Shariar 🇧🇩 Bangladesh Ark Arjun 🇮🇳 India Ramya Ragupathy 🇮🇳 India Dewi Sulistioningrum 🇮🇩 Indonesia Anjar 🇮🇩 Indonesia Taichi Furuhashi 🇯🇵 Japan Shogo 🇯🇵 Japan Gaurav 🇳🇵 Nepal Sushma Ghimire 🇳🇵 Nepal Jikka Defino 🇵🇭 Philippines Honey Fombuena 🇵🇭 Philippines Anuradha Rajanayake 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka Malinga 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka Dennis Raylin Chen 🇹🇼 Taiwan Jeff Huang 🇹🇼 Taiwan Can Unen Turkey

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  2. Announcement: SotM Asia 2024 Venue

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