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London pub meet-up

London, England, United Kingdom
Monkey Puzzle pub

4th June 19:00

On Tuesday 4th June it's a social OpenStreetMap pub meet-up at The Monkey Puzzle pub from 7:00pm. Whether you're a mapper, map user, or just curious, come join us for map chat and beers!

The Monkey Puzzle is here on the map , between Paddington & Edgware Road on the circle line, and Lancaster Gate on the central line. It's a little way away from the tube stations in a quite an obscure residential location, so you may want to find it using a map! It's a small pub, but if you think you may have trouble recognising anyone, turn up at 7:30pm when the group will be more assembled, and look out for maps or OpenStreetMap hi-viz vests. Also take Harry's number: O7979815O13

The pub serves food and most of us will probably be eating there.

Mark yourself as "attending" here if you fancy it. Not everyone bothers doing so. We expect between 5 and 15 people attending.

Created by Harry Wood