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Monthly Mapping Talks

Special Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

17th May 20:00 – 21:30

OpenStreetMap (OSM) Indonesia is growing with an increasing number of contributors. This demonstrates that OSM, with its open geospatial data for sustainable development and capacity building for the community, is proving to be increasingly valuable to society.

The development now incorporates AI technology, such as the RapiD feature, which is a web-based modern editor for OSM. RapiD integrates advanced mapping tools, authoritative geospatial open data, and cutting-edge technology to empower mappers at all levels to get started quickly, making accurate and fresh edits.

An initiative by the community to open a space for dialogue and collaboration among OpenStreetMap enthusiasts and contributors in Indonesia.

This event will cover the development of OSM over the years, share user experiences, and demonstrate how to utilize the AI plugin to enhance your mapping efforts on OpenStreetMap.

Created by Catherine Pamela