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8th OSM Delhi Mapping Party - Day 2

Delhi, India
Nehru Place

19th May 16:00 – 18:00

The 8th OpenStreetMap Delhi mapping party is here! Explore your city, learn to contribute to OSM, improve a common resource together, reclaim your digital privacy, and meet new people. You don't need any experience with OSM or maps to participate, so bring all your friends!

We're hosting two parties this time, with the aim of making OSM coverage more equitable and not just restricted to the richer/more popular areas. We encourage everyone to attend on both days, but you can choose to attend any one session, too.

Day 1
🗓️ Date - Saturday, 18th of May
⏰ Time - 08:00 to 10:00 hours
🗺️ Location - Laxmi Nagar Metro Station

Day 2
🗓️ Date - Sunday, 19th of May
⏰ Time - 16:00 to 18:00 hours (4 to 6 PM)
🗺️ Location - Nehru Place Metro Station

What is OpenStreetMap?

OpenStreetMap is a map of the world made by people like you, which anybody can use, share, and edit. You can think of it as the Wikipedia of maps.

It is used by numerous websites, organizations, companies (e.g. Wikipedia, Ola Maps, RedBus, Doctors Without Borders, Pokemon Go, Zomato, Uber, Amazon), and FOSS applications (e.g. Organic Maps and OsmAnd).

Contributing to OpenStreetMap is fun. You get to explore the world, find interesting places, and document them for yourself and others. You improve a public resource which helps everyone and is not controlled by any one company.

What will we be doing?

  1. meet and greet
  2. teaching - newcomers are taught how to use Organic Maps to browse and edit the map; existing mappers may be introduced to new apps and techniques
  3. everyone is split into teams, and each team is assigned an area to map
  4. the teams disperse, and map their assigned areas for 1 hour
  5. regroup; review the changes on the OSM website

Who are you?

We are passionate and experienced OpenStreetMap contributors who improve it for fun in our free time. Many of us are also involved in free software and privacy.

Useful equipment to bring along

  • a functioning Android or iOS smartphone with mobile data (recommended)
  • a power bank (optional)
  • a charging cable (optional)
  • any kind of tape measure (optional)

How do I join?

Participants should write to us over email or over XMPP with their -

  • name
  • phone number [1]
  • which day(s) they will be attending

Past participants can omit the name and phone number.

[1] We use phone numbers strictly for event coordination and for inviting you to future events. You can omit the phone number, but you risk not getting information in time.

Attending remotely

We recommend attending in person for the best experience. If that's not possible, you can be a remote spectator - join the Jitsi Meet room.

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