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OSM-PH outreach in Tagbilaran, with UB-YMC

Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines
Plaza Rizal Park

16th April 8:00 – 12:00

A map-py outreach event by OSM-PH LoCos, with volunteer participants from the YouthMappers club of the University of Bohol.

The event is a beginners' introduction to OpenStreetMap, field work and photo-mapping, with the goal of empowering the members of the YMC, and ensure the success of their initiative to map essential facilities around the campus.

AlayData (field work)

The participants will be collecting data and taking imagery around Plaza Rizal Park, focusing on POIs with teams focusing on the following themes:

  • culture & history, tourism
  • emergency and lifeline infrastructure
  • crossings, mobility and public transport

MapaTime (armchair mapping)

Afterwards, a hands-on workshop will be held within the campus, to discuss OSM tools, upload photos and data, and digitize the data that was collected, and add them to OSM.

Created by GOwin, uᴉʍOꓨ