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Missing Maps London Mapathon

5th November 19:00 – 21:15 (Europe/London)

This Mapathon will take place online! If you wish to attend please register and details for joining will be shared with you.

This event is London based in name only! Since we have moved to virtual events we have been getting attendees from all over the world - we heartily welcome this!


19:00: Introduction to Missing Maps and practical information

19:15: iD Training / JOSM Training / Validator Training

21:00: Closing discussion and potential talks

What is it?

The aim of the Missing Maps Project is to map the most crisis-prone parts of the world. With your help we can map communities vulnerable to disasters or experiencing poverty. Both beginners and experienced mappers are welcome to join this mapathon, please choose your ticket according to your level of mapping skills.

Where will we be mapping?

We will be working on high-priority projects requested by the Red Cross and MSF - TBC closer to date!

What do I need?

Just a laptop/desktop, an internet connection, a mouse and enthusiasm (a mouse isn't absolutely necessary but it makes mapping much faster).

Where is it?

This month we're all mapping remotely!

What do I do now?

Get yourself a ticket for the event.

If you need support or help, please get in touch on

See you online!

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