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[Online] 17th Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation (second part)

16th December 2023 16:00 (Etc/UTC)

[Online] 17th Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation (second part)

Saturday 16 December 2023, 16:00 UTC - [ - Countdown


Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of the OpenStreetMap Foundation are held once per year. The main order of business is to present the financial accounts for the last year, and election of new board members.


See the board announcement.

You can ask questions to the board members during the meeting. Reports will be linked from the agenda before the General Meeting.


The 17th Annual General Meeting will be held online via text.

  • use your browser to connect to this OFTC webchat room - pick a nickname (no spaces) and click 'Login'. It can take a few seconds to log in. You should see some mess with a '***' prefix. If it doesn't work, please check your browser add-ons/settings or try with a different browser.
  • use a dedicated IRC client software (comparison at Wikipedia). You will need to input as the IRC server, and #osmf-gm as the channel. IRC communicates over a special port number which may be blocked by your office firewall. If you want to establish a connection with SSL, use Port 6697, or
  • use your browser to join this Matrix room - you need an account to join.

When you join, please send your full name to Dorothea, who will be present in the same channel - this is necessary to create the list of OSMF members who attended the meeting.
- Via IRC, type /msg dorothea your_name
- Via Matrix: type /msg {your name}.
- Via other method: try right clicking on her name and sending a message. Thank you.


Board election results will be sent via email to all members who have voted and will be also linked from

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