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A Synesthete's Atlas: Cartographic Improvisations between Eric Theise and John Ingle; Loan Agreement by John Davis; Change of Uniform by Dave Defilippo

San Francisco, California, United States
Luggage Store Gallery

6th December 2023 20:00

A Synesthete’s Atlas: Cartographic Improvisations between Eric Theise and John Ingle

Real-time cartographic improvisations using projected, manipulated digital maps by Eric Theise in collaboration with John Ingle, saxophone. A visual wash of street grids, land masses, water bodies, and curiosities from built and natural environments. Chromatic timbres and iridescent micro-tonalities. Orphaned labels and free-floating symbology. Auditory roundabouts and redirections. Saturated colors and the subtlest of tints. Sounds symphonic and screeching. Jittery zooms, pans, and traversals. Glitches in crowdsourced data.

This performance will last approximately 45 minutes and will occasionally introduce strobing effects that may affect photosensitive viewers.

Eric Theise is a San Francisco-based artist and geospatial software developer. Through video and realtime performance tools he reinvigorates the perceptual inquiries of structural filmmakers, experimental animators, the Light and Space movement, and 60's light shows, occasionally injecting letterform experiments inspired by visual poetry, as new possibilities in the realm of digital cartography. Since its Lisbon premiere in April 2022, A Synesthete's Atlas has been performed in dozens of cities across the US; it’s been described as anti-cinema, post-cinema, pre-cinema, and truly radical cartography.

Saxophonist/composer/improviser John Ingle is originally from Memphis, TN and now resides and works in San Francisco. His music is informed and influenced by contemporary concert music, improvised music, electronic music, jazz, various Asian folk music traditions, and the blues and gospel of his native Southeast US. He collaborates with electronics innovator Laetitia Sonami, and in duo with NYC-based composer/dulcimerist Dan Joseph and is a founding member of the sfSoundGroup. John's solo saxophone music emphasizes multiphonics, vocal harmonics and subtle control of extended saxophone techniques, while his chamber music explores such musical parameters as spiral time, linear pulse, and non-linear harmony, and indulges in both simple resonance as well as complex timbre and auditory sleights-of-hand.

Loan Agreement: Single channel 16mm film to improvised music by John Davis

John Davis is a filmmaker and musician living in Northern California. Incorporating archival, found and original footage, his single-channel films celebrate the interplay of personal, nostalgic, cultural and ecstatic themes. As a musician, he works with stringed, percussion, and electronic instruments, and his music has been released on the Root Strata, Digitalis, Students of Decay, Bimodal Press and Peasant Magik labels in the US, and the obs label, Rostov On Don, Russia. He also runs Bimodal Press, a tiny publication outlet that emphasizes San Francisco Bay Area experimental music, film and related ephemera. Highlighting a small selection of artists, the label also serves as a home to both the Gravity Spells I and Gravity Spells II projects, and is committed to ongoing collaborations with Bay Area media artists, musicians and writers.

Change of uniform: improvised computer music by Dave DeFilippo

Synthesis algorithms generate unstable patterns and chaotic oscillations as real-time signals. Many of these signals are entrained through coupling to create colliding itineraries of rhythm and frequency transformation. The music investigates the effects of chaotic determinacy and spontaneous order as structures for improvisation.

Dave DeFilippo is a musician and researcher from the Bay Area. His writing on improvisation, dynamical systems and musical synthesis, and music interfaces, can be found internationally in ArXIV, IEEE and ICMC. He previously worked in research at CNMAT on gestural control software and the concept of naming in various applications to technology and culture. Later moving to San Diego, he completed a Ph.D in Music at UCSD.

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