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OpenStreetMap Utah Mapping Night

Utah, United States of America
Virtual, on OSM US #local-utah Slack

23rd June 19:00 2020

Get on your laptops and let's improve OpenStreetMap together. If you've never edited OpenStreetMap before, we're here to explain and help. We focus on mapping projects in Utah. Here are some projects we can work on: but don't feel limited by that and bring your own ideas!

This is a virtual event you can join from anywhere! We will chat on Slack (instructions below) and if you want, we can add video conferencing or screen sharing.

Slack instructions: If you don't have an account on the OpenStreetMap Slack, go here to create one: Then either download Slack or go to and join the #local-utah channel. This channel is always open, not just during the events, so please pop in anytime!

Created by mvexel