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London pub meet-up

London, England, United Kingdom
The Monkey Puzzle Pub

27th September 2023 19:00

On Wednesday 27th October we'll have an OpenStreetMap pub meet-up at The Monkey Pub, Paddington, from 7pm. Join us for friendly social beers and chit chat on the subject of OpenStreetMap (contributing/using experienced/beginners, whatever interests you in and around OpenStreetMap!)

Whether you're a mapper, map user, or just curious, come join us! If you think you may have trouble recognising anyone, turn up at 7:30pm (when the group will be more assembled), and look out for maps or OpenStreetMap hi-viz vests or polo shirts.

Mark yourself as "attending" on here to help make the event look more popular. but not everyone bothers doing so. You can expect between 5 and 10 people attending.

Created by Harry Wood