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OpenStreetMap Ohio+Michigan Meetup

Ohio, United States

13th September 19:00 – 20:00

Note week change for OSM Ohio -> joining with Michigan for a Midwest meetup

The virtual meet-up is aimed to building relationships to help with problem solving as a complement to other OSM channels, local meetups, and provide a space to meet for those who are not near a city or with a dense area of mappers to build a community.

Topics may include: what is your reason for mapping Ohio, what problems have you run into, what tools do you use, how to connect with local organizations, identifying OSM data needs of OSM data consumers and what can we do to address those with our mapping.

OpenStreetMap Ohio Meetup on the OSM Wiki

OpenStreetMap Ohio Meetup on the OSM Wiki

Meeting access code: 206104

Created by wolfgang8741