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Weekly Mapathon Contest 2023


29th April 2023 20:00 (Asia/Dhaka)

🗺️ Hey Mappers, YouthMappers at bsmrmu in collaboration with Open Mapping Hub Asia Pacific is excited to announce a 12-week mapathon event starting on 29th April 2023, at 10 pm UTC+6. This is a great opportunity for all mapping enthusiasts to showcase their skills and contribute to open mapping projects. Every week, the highest contributor will be announced, and at the end of the month, the highest contributor will receive a special gift. The contest will run for 12 weeks, giving you ample opportunities to participate and win exciting prizes. So, join us every week, bring your mapping skills, and help us create a better and more accurate map for everyone. Don't miss this chance to showcase your talent and contribute to a good cause in the YouthMappers community. 💻 Programs: 1. Discussion session (Guest speakers, speaker from the participants) 2. Mapathon session See you on 29th April 2023, at 10 pm UTC+6! 🌏 And this event is supported by Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific

Rules: 1. Mappers from Bangladesh can only join this contest. 2. A mapper will be provided a google form to filled up to join the contest 3. Mapper should include his/her OSM User ID or else it won’t be validated. 4. Try to be precise to the instructions 5. Every mapped area will be validated. So, follow the instructions. Prize: The top contributor to a given project will be awarded a certificate and a gift. Contributors will be recognized with a certificate of appreciation for their efforts on the project and in the mapping community. Registration Link:

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