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iD monthly meetup


20th February 2023 16:00 – 17:00 (Etc/UTC)

I would like to pick up the "tradition" of hosting regular online community sessions to chat about the iD editor. These will be organized on a regular interval, starting about monthly and at varying times of the day.

For each of these meetings, a topic will be picked which highlights a particular aspect of iD in form of a short tutorial, hands-on session and/or presentation. The goal for this section is to share tips and tricks with the community as well as hopefully trigger interesting discussions. Of course these meetups will also be a platform to ask general questions, and to give updates about current works in progress. Any other feedback is of course also very welcome!

The topic of the first meetup will be: "the state of the tagging presets: recent changes & development tips" and it will take place on the OSMF's BigBlueButton server.

I also published a recap of my first year as iD maintainer.

Created by tyr_asd, danieldegroot2