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HOT Open Tech and Innovation Session - Option 1


13th December 2022 10:00 (Etc/UTC)

Hi there,

We would like to invite you to this open tech and innovation session: a space for anyone who has ideas or are interested in geospatial tech for human(itarian)impact!

The intention of the session is i) to hear - and amplify - your ideas and ii) explore the best ways we can collaborate around tech and innovation.

You will also hear from us about the projects we are working on and expect an interactive and inspiring session! Innovation can come from anywhere, and so no ideas are bad ideas:D

Your inputs and ideas will form the future of the tech and innovation space, and how it looks like in 2023.

If you are curious about this, come join us!

13 December - 10:00 UTC - register here:

If you are eager to already get started, add any reflection or ideas in this jamboard:

Created by Petya_Kangalova