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Mapping Party: Christmas Edition

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
MAGs Nachbarschaftstreff Westerhamer Str., München

8th December 2022 14:30 – 17:00

For the research project MGeM (Mobility justice in metropolitan regions) at the Technical University of Munich we are organizing a Mapping Party.

What is a Mapping Party? The idea behind this is to get together to do some mapping (entering and updating data in OpenStreetMap), socialising and chatting.

We invite all interested people to map with us. As Christmas is just around the corner, we will offer typical German Christmas biscuits and invite all participants to join us at the Christmas market close by.

Come by, map, and meet new people!

We meet at Westerhamer Str. 14, 81671 München (MAGs Nachbarschaftstreff Westerhamer Straße) at 2.30 pm. We will give a short introduction about mapping and the study area. Mapping itself will take place outside from around 3 - 5 pm. After closing the event, all participants are welcome to join us at a Christmas market (on a voluntary basis).

More information can be found here:

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