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Missing Maps GeoNight MSF CZ online mapathon 2022 #1

Prague, Prague, Czechia

1st April 2022 17:30

Support the work of the Doctors Without Borders by helping to map in southeastern Africa, hit by 3 cyclones recently, and JOSM mappers in Afghanistan. This mapathon is unique in that it takes place on the Night of Geography, an international initiative supported by the Association of European Geographical Societies (EUGEO) and the International Geographical Union (IGU). In the last part, we will have lightening talks from community members about their projcts using geographical information. It is organized jointly by Médecins Sans Frontières Czech office and volunteers from the Czech Missing Maps community, so the language spoken is mainly Czech, though international mappers are very welcome to join and sign up for the independent mappers group.

Created by janabau