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Social Mapping Sunday: Shenton Park

Western Australia, Australia
Jualbup Lake

20th March 2022 9:30

Free morning tea in the park then mapping local shops or Whadjuk walk trails throughout Shenton Park.

In this Social(ly Distanced) Mapping Sunday, join us at 9:30am for morning tea and a chat by the lovely Jualbup Lake. Meet at the North-West BBQ shelter and we will do a coffee run to The Little Pantry, kindly provided by OSGeo Oceania.

That will give us time to get prepped and coordinate some routes to walk and map in small groups:

  • Map businesses and amenities in two small retail areas,
  • head off on one of the Whadjuk walking trails,
  • micro-map local parks,
  • add residential details,
  • or whatever tickles your fancy!

All skill levels welcome! Bring your favourite mapping equipment, just a phone, or nothing at all! We have tools and techniques to share for easy and effective surveying.

Online Follow-up: on the following Sunday.

Created by BudgieInWA