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MSF online validation mapathon


17th February 2022 17:30 – 19:30 (Europe/Prague)

This event has been cancelled.

(Česky níže) Small mid-month mapathon, focused on validating an MSF project, which has certain complexities due to the differing imagery in different editors. Precondition to join: having had introduction to and practice mapping in JOSM. Having an intermediate mapper status in HOT TM is not required, but having done at least 100 changesets is expected. We will start in English, during the discussion, mappers are welcome to talk in other languages as well (translation of the essence will be provided in chat, if needed).

Calendar invitation to the online event with a link to join will be sent to the registered participants by email and shared on the MM CZ SK trello.

Malý mapathon uprostřed měsíce se zaměřením na validaci projektu MSF, který má kvůli ruznícím se snímkům v iD a JOSMu jistá úskalí. Podmínka účasti: mít už za sebou úvodní školení do JOSMu + praxi mapování v JOSMu. Není nutné mít v HOT TM intermediate status, ale očekává se min. 100 changesetů.

Created by janabau