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November Brno Missing Maps mapathon at Department of Geography

Brno, Southeast, Czechia
Department of Geography, Masaryk University

26th November 2021 18:00 – 21:00

Come to support MSF's work by helping to map locations that are at risk of humanitarian crises in the OpenStreetMap.

It has been more than a year since the classic full-time mapathon took place in Brno, where we would all meet and map in one place. During the months when full-time mapathons were not possible, they were replaced by online mapathons, which can be attended by those who cannot come to the classic mapathon. Many mapathons will also allow online participation during full-time mapathons. The November Brno mapathon will be one of them.

Maps, satellite images, exotic countries, development aid - all these topics fall into Geography. That is why our Brno November mapathon will be organized as part of the GeoWeek. You can read more about this international event at

What will happen at the meeting?

On Mapathon, we will create a map of one of the locations where MSF operates according to satellite imagery in OpenStreetMap. If you don't have experience, don't mind. You will learn everything on the spot and after a short training you will be able to map yourself. If you have experience, you can map yourself immediatelly.

We will work in three groups:

• A beginner group will receive their first OpenStreetMap experience during training

• More experienced mappers will have the opportunity to learn the JOSM program - a free advanced OpenStreetMap editor.

• Those who already know at least the basics of JOSM can be trained as validators who check the results of other mappers. Training as many validators as possible is currently the most important task of mapathons around the world. They are very important, so join them.

Of course, experienced mappers who are no longer in need of training and want to map undisturbed are also invited.

If you are already experienced and would like to join the organizational team, we will be happy to talk about it with you on the mapathon.

What do I need?

There is no need to have previous experience. All tools are free and open source.

Beginners can come even without notebook. Computer room will be available.

However, if you want to join one of more experienced groups, you need to take your own notebook and mouse. Wireless internet will be provided.

Should I prepare something?

If you do not have an OpenStreetMap account, create one here: If you want to be in a group of advanced JOSM mappers, you should have JOSM pre-installed on your computer. It is free to download at The program requires Java programming language installed. If you want to be in a group of validators, at least basic knowledge of JOSM editor is an advantage. It is therefore ideal to first take a mapathon in the JOSM group and move on to the validators on the following mapathon.

Exact location of mapathon:

Department of Geography and the organizational team of the Brno mapathons (Katka, Radim, Daniel, Miloslav) look forward to seeing you at mapathon. Slovak Association for Youth, Science and Technology club no. 962 ( will be co-organizer of the November Brno Mapathon.

More information: Radim Štampach (